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ESL Delta Binaural Confidence Audio & Ebooks Bundle - Boost Sales Abilities and English Fluency

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Powerful. Bundle Package (Just £12.99) Regular Price £19 98.

Take your English fluency and sales skills to the next level with this powerful 3-product bundle!


  • Closing Deals Audio Program - 15 minutes of delta binaural beats and spoken guided imagery to put you in an exceptionally confident state for sales, interviews, and presentations. Just relax and listen!
  • Western vs Eastern Selling - Selling to the western mind Ebook helping you adapt your sales approach when selling across cultures.
  • Closing Sales Fast in English - Ebook packed with tips and scripts to help non-native speakers master the art of Qualifying prospects, generating leads and closing deals.

This bundle provides the complete package to boost your English proficiency, communication skills, cultural awareness, and sales effectiveness!

Regular price £19.98 - Special bundle price just £12.99!

(We make no medical or therapeutic claims about the audio program. Please consult a doctor before use if you have a pre-existing condition or are on any medications. Please only use the audio in a quiet location not whilst driving, operating machinery or needing to focus).

Ebooks include:

  1. Selling to the Western Mind: A Guide for Asian and Middle Eastern Professionals

Created by the team of advanced business English experts at:

Sell to the West and Conquer: Unlocking North American and European Markets

Expanding into Western cultures presents huge opportunities but also requires adapting your sales approach. This comprehensive 52-page guide helps you:

  • Understand the individualistic mindset prevalent across North America and Europe and why collectivist tactics fall flat
  • Build professional trust and credibility - the cornerstone of sales success in individualistic societies
  • Communicate effectively by adapting your message style and methods
  • Sell face to face at trade expos, in meetings and also communicate effectively via email and phone calls
  • Negotiate win-win deals attuned to norms of directness and efficiency
  • Sell to decentralized decision-makers focused on autonomy
  • Optimize digital sales strategies for productive virtual team selling

With case studies, expert insights, actionable frameworks and more, this is your playbook for selling successfully to over 1 billion individualistic-minded potential customers worldwide.

Key topics covered:

  • Nuances of low vs. high context cultures
  • Direct and results-driven messaging
  • Timeliness matters - decoding speed expectations
  • Autonomy before decisions - navigating individual choice
  • Flat structure selling - understanding loose hierarchy
  • Virtual team selling - optimizing for the digital space
  • Words matter - translating meaning across cultures

Unlock a whole new world of possibilities and avoid critical cultural pitfalls. This guide equips you to sell confidently and respectfully to Western audiences..

  1. ESL How To Sell & Close Fast - qualify leads, build rapport, handle objections and close deals in fluent, native-level English.

Created by the team of advanced business English experts at:

If you’re ready to win more business and deliver persuasive pitches in English, this practical ebook is for you.

Packed with actionable advice and examples, you’ll learn:

  • How to grab attention with psychology-based language
  • Phrases and tactics to overcome objections and resistance
  • Ways to build instant rapport on calls and at trade shows
  • Tools to qualify leads, spark interest, and shape perceptions
  • Differences in individualistic vs. collectivistic cultures
  • Insider tips for nailing the close every time

Gain the confidence and skills you need to strengthen relationships, influence decisions, and drive sales in fluent business English.

The easy-to-apply communication frameworks help both native and non-native speakers master the art of persuasion.

Stop leaving money on the table! Get this audio and ebooks bundle now to convert more prospects into satisfied clients, and transform your English into your most confident version yet.

Your career success depends on it!

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ESL Delta Binaural Confidence Audio & Ebooks Bundle - Boost Sales Abilities and English Fluency


ESL Delta Binaural Confidence Audio & Ebooks Bundle - Boost Sales Abilities and English Fluency

0 ratings
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