Get the grant funding you deserve now. E book and audio training course. Grant Writing Success - Start Winning Grants - Proven Audio Course For Non-Profits

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Struggling to secure grant funding for your nonprofit or charity? Get the expertise you need to write winning proposals with our comprehensive grant writing audio training series.

Created specifically for time-strapped NGOs and volunteers, Coach Mark In Manila's affordable digital audio course plus Ebook. delivers step-by-step guidance you can access anytime, anywhere.

This program of x10 10-15 minute audio episodes guides you through grant strategy, writing compelling narratives, identifying aligned funders, mastering budgets, and acing post-award management.

Listen step by step on the go via your phone, tablet or laptop then implement the steps directly into your next proposals.

Gain the skills without the prohibitive costs of most grant writing courses. For only $49.99, equip your entire nonprofit team to win bigger grants through an easy audio step by step standalone learning experience.

Stop wasting time on trial-and-error proposals. Invest in these proven techniques from grant writing experts now to secure the funding your cause deserves.

Created by the team of advanced business English grant proposal writing experts at:

If you’re ready to start winning more grants, and deliver persuasive proposals in English, this practical 10 episode audio training course is for you.

Course Summary - In my complete and comprehensive audio guide to successful grant writing, you will learn these key takeaways, including how to:

  • Clearly define your cause. Articulate your vision statement guiding proposals.
  • Research aligned funders invested in your mission and community. Study RFP guidelines meticulously.
  • Craft compelling narratives conveying urgent needs and your proven solution.
  • Substantiate needs through authoritative data sources like academic studies or government reports.
  • Set S.M.A.R.T goals and measurable objectives tied directly to the identified problem.
  • Design targeted activities around realistic timeframes in detailed work plans.
  • Build conservative line item budgets and justify expenses through narratives showing careful forethought.
  • Describe how you’ll evaluate against objectives using mixed quantitative and qualitative methods.
  • Perfect submissions by streamlining prose and triple checking for required elements. Following instructions exactly.
  • Steward funders by expressing gratitude, maintaining communication, and inviting engagement.

With this comprehensive knowledge, you are equipped to pursue grants strategically. For additional training resources on nonprofit fundraising, grant management, and more, visit my website at

You can also email me anytime at with questions or to inquire about one-on-one coaching services. I’m deeply invested in your grant writing success.

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Start Winning Grants - Proven Audio Course & EBook For Non-Profits

Bite-Sized Audio Program
10 Episodes
E-Book Guide
FREE - RRP $9.99

Get the grant funding you deserve now. E book and audio training course. Grant Writing Success - Start Winning Grants - Proven Audio Course For Non-Profits

0 ratings
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